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Many dog behavior problems are a normal part of puppy development and can be routinely dealt with. Others, however, are of a more serious nature and require the skill of a professional to establish the underlying cause and develop an effective treatment program. The most common of these behaviors include aggression, fear, and separation anxiety. Dogs never "grow out of" these problems; left untreated, they are self reinforcing and will only become worse over time. Counseling clients on dog aggression is a specialty at Common Scents.

Treating dog aggression requires expert help. Our Director, Steve Robinson, has over 25 years of experience working with police departments and civilians in learning to both train and control dog aggression. This in-depth understanding of aggressive behavior also gives him a unique understanding of how to manage and suppress it.  


Steve will meet with you and your dog to both                             evaluate the problem                                                                        and recommend a course of                                                            remedial action.

This recommendation                                                                     involves behavior modification,                                                         and changing the way in which

the dog perceives and interacts

with its surroundings. It also 

involves modifying the way in

which the family interacts with the dog, and development

of a more structured approach to controlling the

undesirable behavior. 


You will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire which will provide us with some background information about your dog, his or her relationship with your family, and the nature of the problem. We then will meet with you and your dog to establish the underlying cause of the problem and a plan of action for you to follow. For most owners, a 2 hour session will be sufficient to give you insight into the problem as well as specific recommendations for resolution. We will, however, continue to work with you at your request, until you are satisfied the problem is under control. 


All information provided to Common Scents regarding owners is strictly confidential. None of this information will be released to any source without express permission of the owner.


Private Lessons are offered for those owners who wish to enroll in a more intensive program, have special needs, or merely prefer one on one contact with the instructor. Each program is custom designed, based on both the owner's priorities and a personal evaluation of the dog.

There is a maximum flexibility in the scheduling of lessons. A personal written lesson plan is given to the client each week to help maximize progress toward program goals. 

Private Lessons are normally conducted as a series of 8 lessons, but may be tailored to an individual client's needs. 


We strive to fit your schedule as much as possible. Private Lessons are generally conducted once per week and are by appointment.

Discounts for:

law enforcement,

public safety, and

military personnel


Certain elements of bringing up a puppy are universal. These include: 

  • Meeting the pup's physical and psychological needs
  • Housebreaking
  • Building a bond
  • Socializing the puppy
  • Building self confidence
  • Teaching manners (jumping, nipping, puppy biting)
  • Developing the pup's ability to interact with people and other dogs
  • Building responsiveness to the desires/needs of its owner 

The Common Scents

Head Start Consultation

is an individual session

which includes an evalu-

ation of your new pup

a discussion of its needs,

and recommendations

for giving your puppy

the best possible start.

It has been designed for

dog owners who wish to

"get off on the right foot"

in raising a happy,

healthy, well-adjusted

pet. We will also help you

deal with common puppy "problems" such as housebreaking, chewing, nipping, and puppy biting. While many of your pup's physical and psychological attributes will be affected by its genetic background, you, as the pup's owner, will be able to play a large role in molding these attributes by exercising control over your puppy's early experiences, its surroundings, its training, and its relationship with people and other animals. 


Because no two puppies or situations are ever exactly alike, Common Scents does not believe in canned programs. We work with our clients to develop a program and routine that best serves their needs and the needs of their dog.


You will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire which will provide us with some background information about your puppy, and his or her relationship with your family. We then schedule a one hour meeting with you and your puppy to evaluate, first hand, its personality, reactions, and patterns of behavior, as well as the lifestyle of your family and how to best realize your goals for the puppy.


Legal Representation


If a problem arises that requires you to acquire legal representation, Steve can serve as an expert witness to help gather information and present your case in the most favorable light. As a qualified expert witness, he can work directly with you or your attorney to ensure that your rights are fully protected and the best case possible is presented for a favorable outcome. 

Guest Speaker/Seminars

Steve has presented numerous seminars for audiences large and small on a variety of topics related to canine behavior and dog training. A popular request is addressing veterinary staff on both behavior basics and safety protocols. Steve's wife, Dianne, who is a retired LVT, often assists with discussions involving animal health care. If you are an animal health care professional in Northern Kentucky/ greater Cincinnati and wish us to address your staff during an extended lunch hour or after work hours, we are available to do so, as a professional courtesy, at no charge. Please call us to make advance arrangements.   

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